Exciting things are on the way!

I've been working hard on multiple fronts these days. Besides the day to day joys of family life and work, I'm working hard finishing up…. are you ready for this?…. an AUDIOBOOK version of my novel “The Man in the Pines.” I've even got a surprise at the end of the book which I think you will really like. 


I recently co-authored a short story that was accepted for a collection of dark fiction. It was super fun and I'm extremely proud of how that project turned out. It is a commentary on the dangers of social media and disappointment in our thirties. Oh, and it has LOTS of dead bodies. L.O.T.S. My co-author has a short story in this anthology that is soooo good. Its free on knidle. 


Meanwhile, I'm also working on another collection of stories now AND get ready to start hearing more and more about my newest novel which is currently slated for release in Feb 2024 published by Unsolicited Press


Between that and a few songs here and there, I'm keeping busy.  Here is a new song I entered for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest called “Filling up the Void.” I'm pretty sure my “desk” didn't qualify, but oh well :)  Look at that goofy face!


Reading and music at the La Crescent Public Library for National Tell a Story Day 

Thursday, April 27th 6-7pm


I'll be opening for The Lone Canary on April 15th at 7pm ish at The Root Note in La Crosse, Wi

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