Writing stories and songs has become one of the things I need to do. Even though I've been writing music for over almost two decades, I feel like I'm just scratching the surface of the tales I need I to write.  

My heart is tied to those I love and the beauty of the world that moves outside my home in the Midwest. These themes echo throughout the songs I sing and stories I write.  

Why "David Nash Collective?" A collective is a group of people who work together. None of what I do, the writing, recording, publishing, performing, etc would we possible without the help from my family and friends. Whether it is co-writing lyrics, editing a friend's manuscript, or taking Sara (my wife's advice), I'm always relying on the help of others to make this art possible. It deserves a big thank you, and that is why this site is referred to as the "David Nash Collective."


David Nash is an author and singer songwriter known for his warm, rhythmic and heartfelt style. He plays in and around the Driftless Region of his home in La Crescent, Minnesota. His most recent album "Twenty Songs" is available on all streaming platforms. In early 2023 he released the audiobook version of his first novel, "The Man in the Pines," and his second novel is scheduled for publication in early 2024 by Unsolicited Press.


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