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In Wells' Time (Unsolicited Press, 2024) is the story of a cursed, time-stealing life and a family’s journey to understand the brother who lived it. 

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recorded, mastered, and read by me, I think you'll love this performance of The Man in the Pines. Find a special musical performance at the end of the reading as well.

The Man in the Pines (Novel)

The Man in the Pines is the reimagined life story of the famous American folk legend, Paul Bunyan. It is a tale of demi-god strength, love lost, hubris, and destruction. It is a story of conservation and, hopefully, redemption. It is the life of Paul Bunyan you've never heard before. This is David Nash's first novel. Order it on, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Bandcamp.

"I wept through some of the passages in which he describes other particular losses, and I especially appreciated Nash’s sensitivity in his portrayal of Bunyan’s relationship with his beloved friend, Babe. Of special note is the worthy lesson Nash brings to the fore in his final chapters, which I leave for the reader to discover. 

A Man in the Pines is a novel to be enjoyed by those who especially treasure the beautiful topography of the Midwest, from its trees to its rivers and lakes, and by those who appreciate a long-lasting American legend, told here with a respectable, contemporary spin."

- Carole Mertz, Portage Magazine